• Yoga’s Good, True & Beautiful, ELEPHANT JOURNAL MAY 2015

    Posted in Articles by Eric Shaw

    YogasGood-True_Beautiful-ElephantJournalYoga gets us out of bed in the morning because it teaches us the “Transcendentals”—the Good, The True and the Beautiful through the body.

    In the formula for transformation modern yoga provides, the poses open us to the sweet flood of awareness that makes the body feel  alignment with the Beautiful, True and Good, and—from there—trues us to create these three in what we conceive and do.

    It connects us to how we feel whole and urges us to be good in the world.

    The urge has a lengthy pedigree. Cultures of both West and East have loved these three for millennia.

    In the oldtime brain trust, Aristotle sorted through them in his Metaphysics, Plato touched on them in his Phaedrus, and the medieval Christian philosopher, Thomas Aquinas, weighed them in his reflections on aesthetics.

    But if we look at the specific East-West conversation that made our modern yoga, we can eavesdrop exactly two centuries back, when these ideas became big memes—it happened just as Eastern books like the yogic Upanishads began sparking new ways of seeing life in the West.

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