The Journey Of Yoga To The West

Conversation with Eric Shaw

Who owns yoga? Where does it REALLY come from, and how has it evolved from its origins? We ask these questions and more with our special guest Eric Shaw, who has studied yoga and meditation for 30 years and taught both since 2001. He is the creator of both Prasana Yoga and Yoga Education Through Imagery, a lecture programming that teaches yoga’s traditions through archival imagery and new scholarship. With two degrees in Art, and Masters Degrees in Education, Religious Studies and Asian Studies, the conversation is both fascinating and unique. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Special Guest: Eric Shaw
Creator & Host: Ashton Szabo – anatomyofliving.com
Sound Engineer: Zach Cooper
Producer: Benn Mendelsonsivanaspirit.com

History and Lineage of Yoga with Eric Shaw

A Yogapilots Podcast Hosted By Mark Dellecave



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