Human evolution is driven by kundalini and life’s natural urge to expand and awaken.

For each of us, we arrive in the world with a certain degree of activation of inborn skill and capacity for perception that is reflective of our innate realization. It is the desire of life-force to evolve through us more fully that ultimately creates the chemistry that propels personal growth and—somewhere down the road—allows kundalini to work its dramatically transformative magic.

The chakra system reflects our self-actualized disposition at any one point in time.

The path of becoming more sattvic (balanced and light) is known—the chakras are meant to fully energize and “spin” appropriately, to bloom optimally, to reflect a fully “adjusted” life—like the turning wheels on your car, or chariot, or gyroscope-balanced electric unicycle (or whatever it is you drive).

Yoga enhances these energetic frameworks and trains our inner checks and balances, so that we stay on course, we don’t tip and spill our beans, and we keep re-implanting seeds for prodigality and the capacity to glow and do.

We are meant to be poised and aware beings, socially integrated and communicative—all of these capacities lie encoded in us. Crazy wisdom may visit us as a default state somewhere down the line, but the narrow path precedes the dance in the fields.

The option to focus and grow is there, and humans do it like no other embodied creature.