I teach a workshop called Secrets of the Sun Salutation.  Here are more resources.


Jois, Sri Krishna Pattabhi, 2005, Suryanamaskara, NY: Ashtanga Yoga New York.

This is an excellent little book with very cool pictures of Jois doing the practice as a young man. It provides a welter of information that gives rarely found background information on Jois’ understanding of the practice and his knowledge of how the practice is rooted in scripture.

Jois, Sri Krishna Pattabhi, 1999, Yoga Mala, NY: North Point Press

A developed treatise by Jois, but still a relatively short book (130 pages).  It includes some of the same info of his Suryanamaskara book (above).

Pant, Apa, 1998 (1970), Surya Namaskars, Mumbai: Disha Books.

Apa Pant was a successful diplomat in the new India, and the son of Bhavanrao Pant (below), the King of Aundh–a quasi-independent kingdom that was dissolved upon the attainment of nation status for India after 1947.  Also a small book it includes some wonderful stories, philosophical perspectives and a basic outline of the Sun Salutation practice with both photographs and drawings. 

Satyananda Saraswati, Swami, 1983 (1973), Surya Namaksara:  A Technique of Solar Vitalization, Munger, Bihar, India:  Yoga Publications Trust.

This is an excellent complete guide that gives the positions, philosophies  and mantras by a master of the tradition.

Nithyananda, Paramahamsa, 2009 Nithya Yoga Surya Namaskar, Life Bliss Foundation.

A new book by this famous living swami in India.

The Raja of Aundh, Bhavanrao Srinivasrao Pant Pratinidhi, 1989 , Surya Namaskars

This is the king who had SN taught throughout his land in the 1920s and 30s.  It is the first book on the practice in the modern age (reprinted).

Scott, John, 2001, Ashtanga Yoga:  The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Dynamic Yoga, Three Rivers Press

John Scott gives a breakdown of the two forms of SN from the Ashtanga system with very clear photographs and explanations.

Singleton, Mark, 2010, Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice, Oxford University Press

Mark gives a detailed history of how SN was brought into Modern Yoga.  This book is a great resource for getting a general understanding of the roots of modern yoga.

Stenhouse, Janita, 2001, Sun Yoga, The Book of Surya Namaskar. NP

This is a paper-bound, homemade encyclopediac work on the topic.  It offers a broad swath of information on the practice.  Most interestingly, it includes diagrams for over 20 different forms of Sun Salutation





This site is the greatest resource I’ve found on the web.  It is encyclopediac in its information and the details agree with other trustworthy authorities.



A very full  website with fascinating details.  It’s information also agrees with other authorities and seems trustworthy.


Wikipedia has two pages on SN which are very useful:





This site includes information not found elsewhere