Yoga History at The Wanderlust Yoga Teacher Training, Squaw Valley, CA

Yoga History at The Wanderlust Yoga Teacher Training, Squaw Valley, CA
Wanderlust, Squaw Valley
1960 Squaw Valley Rd,
Olympic Valley, CA
September 12, 2014 - January 24, 2015
8:45 AM - 6:00 PM










Eric Will teach yoga history for the Wanderlust Yoga Teacher Training in Squaw Valley, California.

To register for the training, please go Here.

Join Ashleigh Sergeant & Megan McCraken with assistant Shari Beard at Wanderlust Yoga Studio in Squaw Valley, CA, for an extended teacher training. As during the Wanderlust Festivals, you will be treated to world-class yoga instruction, live music, and a journey of self-discovery and exploration. You’ll immerse yourself in a community of like-minded and inspired yogis dedicated to daily practice and learning. Your in-depth training will conclude with a charitable seva project, a chance to give back to the local community.Registration Deadline: We request that all trainees register two weeks before the start date of each module.  Late sign ups will incur an additional $50 late registration fee. STEP 1: APPLY FOR THE TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM STEP 2: PURCHASE MODULES FOR THIS TRAINING


Module I: Sept. 12 – 14 & Sept. 26 – 28

  • Fridays: Noon – 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 8:45am – 6pm

Module II: Oct. 13 – 18

  • Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm w/ 1 hr lunch break

Module III: Nov. 10  – 15

  • Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm w/ 1 hr lunch break

Module IV: Jan. 19 – 24

  • Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm w/ 1 hr lunch break


Wanderlust Squaw 1960 Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley, CA 96146 530.584.6140


Ashleigh Sergeant



“My highest intention is to help others connect with their unique purpose and effectively share their passions with the world through dedicated and compassionate self-service. Only when we serve ourselves first are we free to serve others and the world. Through this practice we bring all aspects of our life in line to serve our highest vision. ” ~Ashleigh With a yoga teacher for a mother, Ashleigh began her dedicated exploration of yoga at an early age in pursuit of healing a spine condition from birth. Now, living free from pain, Ashleigh is dedicated to sharing the healing power of yoga. She is the Global Yoga Trainer for adidas, was honored to be the youngest Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor in the world and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level. Ashleigh is a presenter at the Wanderlust Festival, regularly films online yoga classes with My Yoga Online and Grokker Inc., and has contributed to Mind Body Green, Latin Women’s Health and German Yoga Journal. Ashleigh studies the ancient healing science of Ayurveda and brings this valuable wisdom into her teaching both on and off the mat. Ashleigh strives to make the profound teachings of yoga appealing to as many people as possible and is known for her clear, concise and extremely accessible teaching style. Inspired by mom’s Power Yoga influences, her first teachers included Bryan Kest and Baron Baptist. Ashleigh received her first 200-HR teaching certification at the Himalayan Institute with a strong influence from Rod Stryker’s ParaYoga®. Throughout 2008 Ashleigh traveled with and assisted John Friend, the founder of Anusara® Yoga, which empowered her exponential growth. After completing multiple Anusara Teacher and Therapeutic Trainings with John, Ashleigh now brings the knowledge of over 2,000 hours of global study to her teaching. On the global circuit with adidas, Ashleigh works side by side with some of the top performance coaches in the world and regularly expands her knowledge of how to incorporate yoga into the mainstream world of athletics, health and fitness. Ashleigh’s strong focus on the therapeutic application of yoga has made her a much sought after asset in the performance world. She continues to work with members of the Chinese Olympic Team, FIFA and NBA athletes. Ashleigh regularly leads teacher trainings and large scale classes in Europe, Asia and South America. Diverse global travel travel consistently reconfirms Ashleigh’s deep-seated belief that true transformation begins with dedicated self-inquiry and mindfulness in life’s most local situations.

Megan McCraken



I have always been an avid lover of life and particularly, life in the mountains. However, after years of rock climbing, trail running, snowboarding and mountaineering, I turned to yoga to heal failing body. What started out as a purely functional, physical practice, grew to so much more. As my body healed, heart opened and mind cleared, the stresses of life (big and little) began to simply roll through me and effect me less. My life became more vibrant and inspired than ever. Now, thanks to yoga, I continue play in the mountains with a renewed sense of passion and grace, excelling at the activities that once took such a toll on my body. In 2007, after practicing and teaching yoga for several years, I opened Simple Yoga in Hamilton, MT and took on teaching yoga as my “full-time job”. But really sharing yoga is more than a job, it is my passion in life and offering to this world. In total, I have been teaching for over 8 years and have 700 + hours of various teacher training and yoga therapy training. Recently, I sold my Montana studio and moved to Truckee, California, where I continue to dedicate myself full-time to the practice and teaching of yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Squaw Valley. I also travel back regularly to Montana as well as nationally to teach yoga workshops and retreats. I am eternally grateful to all of the teachers who have inspired my life and teachings: Nikki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Noah Maze and many more. Through my teaching, I am fully committed to helping my students reap the amazing benefits of this practice and create a realm of boundless possibilities for their lives, whether their bodies are old, young, healthy or challenged in any way. I have students who are healthy and active and those with health challenges including: cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis and various structural disabilities and chronic pain issues. In my classes, students can expect not only to learn about the poses and the importance of precise alignment as it relates specifically to their unique body, but they will also have an experience with pranayama, yoga philosophy, meditation, chanting and mudras. Each student can expect to get lots of personal attention, work hard with dedicated intention, relax deeply, expand their awareness, increase their focus, laugh a little and be fully supported through that journey. But most importantly, my classes focus on students uncovering the truths about themselves, both in their humanity as well as their divinity. I like to remind my students that I do not give them anything they don’t already have or tell them anything they don’t already know, I just create the space for them to adventure towards uncovering their own wisdom. I am also passionate about helping the children of this world through seva projects. Recently, my husband and I have been working with the good people of Haiti to provide resources and possibilities for their children. When I am not at the studio, you can find me with the loves of my life – Lilli, Mark, Laila & Libby exploring the mountains with freedom in my body and lightness in my heart!


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