Stabilizing the Body and Seeking the Yoga Sutras at Eugene Yoga, Eugene, Oregon

Stabilizing the Body and Seeking the Yoga Sutras at Eugene Yoga, Eugene, Oregon
Eugene Yoga
3575 Donald Street
Eugene, OR
September 15, 2013
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Asva Horse stance Prasana 2Using Yoga in the Subtle Body to Ground and Stabilize

In yogic anatomy, there is said to be five vayus (bodily winds) that drive physical processes.They create digestion, breathing, heartbeat, thought, and bodily cohesion.

Among these vayus, Vyana creates radiance and stabilization.  If we strengthen it, the body and mind can shine—even under stress.

This workshop teaches unique postures, yoga flows, and breath practices that build Vyana Vayu.  We’ll learn how to stabilize our limbs and core for psychic calm, physical strength and clear mental flow.

Sunday, September 15, 10am – 1pm

Price:  $40 by Sept. 7

$45 @ door

$60 by Sept. 7, w/ Yoga Sutras

$65 after, w/Sutras

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Yoga Sutras 2

Seeking the Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutra is a 2000-year old text that is modern yoga’s “Bible.”

Its four chapters explain the yoga journey, the art of concentration, how we make miracles, and what it means to be enlightened.

It is an ancient plan for accelerating personal growth.

It is delightful and deep, and has shaped life and yoga for millennia. If you have a copy, bring it, and we’ll dive into the Sutras’ hidden messages and rich guidance for life on the modern path.


Sunday, September 15, 2pm – 4pm

Price:  $25 by Sept. 7

$30 @ after

$60 by Sept. 7, w/ Ground and Stabilize class

$65 after, w/Ground and Stabilize class

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