The Vancouver Yoga Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver Yoga Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Convention Center
Vancouver Convention Center
Vancouver, British Columbia
November 9, 2012 - November 11, 2012
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


The Vancouver Yoga Conference and Show


Eric will teach the the following workshops at the Vancouver Yoga Conference and Show:

Friday, November 9, 9am -4pm,

Secrets of Prasana Yoga: How to create Power and Grace in Moving Yoga

In this three-hour workshop, students will be introduced to a life-changing concept: Alignment in Movement. Many of us know how to align bodies that stand still.  “Alignment in movement” is a new animal.

The body can go from point A to B yogically.

This workshop introduces geometries of motion that create focus, precision and agreement between mind and body as it dips and dives, folds and unfolds, spins and spirals in vinyasa practice.

The great teacher of 20th century, Krishnamacharya, labeled yogic movement “vinyasa,” and it holds mysteries.  By exploring Prasana, “throwing the body forth,” we dive into these unknowns, bringing freshness to vinyasa and grace to the moving mind and body.


Saturday, November 10, 11:30am – 1:30pm

The Whole History of Yoga in 120 minutes

Yoga’s 5000-year history is populated by saints, outcast yogis, noble warriors, and sage-like kings.  Its evolution embraces Tantra, mantra, body, breath, and God.

Dancers, doctors, bodybuilders, and others began reforming yoga in the late 19th century, and now it rests at the world’s doorstep!

Yoga in the year 2012 is the greatest fitness fad since yoga in 1896—and it all connects to the yoga of 2900 BCE!

Relate this story to your own in a bracing 120-minute lecture that brings compelling stories, archival imagery, and late-breaking research in the burgeoning field of yoga scholarship to the life of the everyday yogi.


Sunday, November 11, 9am – 11am

Secrets of the Sun Salutation.

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a mainstay of modern yoga, yet it contains mysteries.  Why was it made?  Why do we show devotion to the sun? Why is the Sun Salutation so central to today’s practice?

In this workshop, you will learn the seed mantras (Bijas) and names of sun (Paadas) that are chanted for each pose—as well as the story and purpose behind Surya Namaskar’s creation in Vedic India of 1000 BCE. We’ll discover how Surya Namaskar came into Modern Yoga (it’s not what you think!) and gain new insights into each posture—as well as discover how the postures link together in unique and powerful ways.

Expect to work hard with both body and brain in this training as we explore the richness of this well-loved vinyasa form.

For information or to register, please go Here.

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