Rewiring Your Yoga: Ancient Principles and New Practices, at Yogasylum Studio, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Rewiring Your Yoga: Ancient Principles and New Practices, at Yogasylum Studio, Brookfield, Wisconsin
3815 N Brookfield Rd, Suite 101
Brookfield,, WI
November 16, 2013 - November 17, 2013
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM


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Rewiring Your Yoga:  Ancient Principles, New Practices

Yogasylum Studio,  3815 N. Brookfield Rd, Suite 101 Brookfield, Wisconsin,  November 16 – 17, 2013.



Yoga TimelineSaturday, November 16 – 1pm – 4pm — The Whole History of Yoga in 180 minutes – 1pm-4pm

Yoga’s story is covers 5000 years of saints, warriors, and sage-like kings.  It embraces Tantra, mantra, and God. Dancers, doctors, and bodybuilders remade it in the last 100 years, and yoga now captivates people everywhere. 

We’ll tour this vast landscape of concepts, characters, and events, understanding what yoga has been and what it may one day be.


 Price: $45  Register at Yogasylum or Below.



AnjaneyasanaComposite.1Saturday – November 16- 5:00pm-8:00pm –Breakthroughs in Yogic Movement: The Prasana Understanding of Vinyasa.

Do you ever feel like you are just “going through the motions” in a yoga class, that the poses repeat themselves, but you suspect more depth is there?  That something is not being taught?  That there are hidden patterns to discover as you go from one pose to another?

This workshop gives solutions to these riddles. It opens up the spaces between the poses and teaches us yogic possibilities in the magic of momentum, gravity and center of balance.  Taking cues from Indian Dance and Tai Chi, this workshop will teach forms of Prasana Yoga, a new method for unfolding the practice of vinyasa.

Price: $45  Register at Yogasylum or Below.


Prasana.4Sunday, November 17 – 10am-1pm — Breakthroughs in Yogic Movement: Choreography in Vinyasa

                  People have been creating yoga poses for centuries, but most of us do not think of yoga as a creative act.  

This workshop teaches the principles behind the making of poses and vinyasas.

Practically, we’ll do three things: 

1) Explain yoga’s effects on the mind and body, showing specifically how vinyasa and correct poses achieve this,

2) Give tools for discovering new body shapes that are “yogic” and,

3) Learn to choreograph vinyasas through a deep understanding of transitions and overall movement patterning (called Kalayata in Sanskrit).  We will create poses and link them, using the meditative effect of aesthetics to anchor the body and settle the mind.

This workshop serves the needs of personal yoga practice and sequencing for yoga teachers

Price: $45  Register at Yogasylum or Below.


Ten Mahavidyas Mantra Goddesses Tantra Slide PowerpointSunday – November 17 – 2pm-5pm — Karma, Sex and Shiva: The Philosophical Structure of Tantra

      The universe’s laws compel men and women in the Indian tradition. As we clamber through the jangle of holy books, karma, sex and Shiva rear up again and again, shaping a probing question:  what are you going to do with the dose of life force gifted you during this brief spell on Earth?  Will you exploit it for pleasure (kama) or employ it for wisdom (jnana), or a have a nosh of both?

             This fervent riddle propels the mad invention of India’s traditions of self-transformation, and it shapes Tantra and yoga in particularly dramatic ways.

        In this illustrated lecture, you’ll learn where the wild wisdom of our yoga comes from.  Finally! Understand the philosophical structure of Tantra.


Price: $45  Register at Yogasylum or Below.




Two Workshops:  $80


Re-Wiring Your Yoga:  Entire Immersion: Early Bird: $140.  After November 12: $150.


Register at Yogasylum or Below.



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