Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Instruction

Private yoga provides an opportunity to work more fully at general yoga practice or to work on single poses (such as headstand), vinyasas (such as Surya Namaskar), pranayamas (breathing practices) or health issues (such as a challenging low back).

Private yoga is useful for actors, dancers or other performers, competitive athletes, those with specific health complaints, those new to practice, or those ready to move to a deeper level of practice. Some of Eric’s work is movement coaching (for dancers or martial artists). Some clients just want to understand yoga history, psychology or psycho-physical technologies better.

Whatever the desire, private yoga is a rare opportunity. It accelerates personal growth, eliminates the feeling of competition that occurs in classes, establishes a potent relationship with the teacher, and can be scheduled at times convenient for busy clients.

Sessions are usually one hour.

If students are willing to commit to a longer course of study, Eric offers discounts. All fees are due the first session.

On-Site Yoga / Corporate Yoga Classes

Many companies around the country are utilizing office yoga as a creative way  to promote the wellbeing of employees and enhance productivity.

  • Improve the overall mood of employees
  • Help manage emotional stress
  • Enhance work performance and creativity
  • Develop concentration, memory and mental flexibility
  • Reduce absenteeism from work
  • Increase morale
  • Tone and strengthen muscles
  • Improve posture and physical flexibility

Scheduling a free introductory class is a great way to decide if yoga will appeal to your organization. Attendance at a sample class and feedback from employees will help you gauge if future classes would be successful.

Long-term Benefits


The popularity of yoga at the workplace has recently grown due to the long-lasting stress reduction benefits and the low cost of implementation. Along with stress reduction techniques, exercise to alleviate common work related ailments–such as discomfort from prolonged sitting or standing, carpal tunnel, and neck and back pain- will be learned in the class.  Each class is customized to fit the particular needs of your employees.

Classes generally begin with meditative breathing, followed by a progressive yoga workout and conclude with restorative relaxation. All classes welcome participants with varying levels of physical fitness.



Each participant needs to bring their own yoga mat to class.  An open and warm space suitable for a yoga class must be available. Boardrooms, warm space suitable for a yoga class must be available. Boardrooms large offices, lunchrooms or outdoor patios are all great spaces to do yoga.

Program Options

  • Schedule classes after work or during lunch hours
  • 8- to 12-week programs
  • 45 mins, 1 hour, or 90 minute classes
  • Classes designed for all ages, body types and fitness levels


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