Meg McCraken

Thank you so very much for coming up and sharing your wisdom and passion for the history of yoga at the Wanderlust Yoga Teacher Training. It is so great to have this presented in such an interesting and engaging way. I think the history and tradition is so important and you knocked it out of the park for us with your scholarship and teaching.

In short, you rock!

Brandon Peele

Spending time with Eric on a regular basis is awesome, as the depth of his knowledge of the history, philosophy, culture and spirituality of yoga is profound.  I’d put him among the top yoga scholars in the world.  It was great to pay attention to his style, novel vinyasas, and the interplay between the cognitive and aesthetic elements of yoga.  He helped me see the serpentine and cyclic themes of movement, and new threads of philosophical thought to consider for my book (Chronosapien.co), something only a yoga teacher with graduate work in art, philosophy and religion could explicate.

Berkeley, California

Yiwen Chang

Eric’s in-depth understanding of yoga is a rare find in the yoga community in that his knowledge is extensive and comprehensive in yoga philosophy, history and asanas. As a teacher, he is warm, fun and is talented in making ancient teachings relevant to our world today.

Studio Owner, Prajna Yoga
Belmont, California

Rebecca Robertson

Eric does a fine job with both beginning and advanced students.  His class leadership, postural knowledge, and scholarly knowledge make for fun, information-rich classes.  He is a fine resource, and San Francisco deserves to see more of him.

Director of Fitness Programs, The Olympic Club
San Francisco, California

Paul Kwong

With my full heart, I strongly recommend Eric Shaw as a yoga instructor and mentor for the excellent job he has done.

IT Professional
San Francisco, California

Lucy Yang

Eric Shaw introduced me to yoga in every sense of the word in the past three years.  His style of teaching accentuates the body-mind approach.  Eric’s teaching is intense, serious and coming from his heart!  He communicates both the physical and spiritual sense to me whenever I practice yoga under his guidance.  Through practicing asanas with Eric, my outlook has been brightened and my existence is making more sense.

Retired Professor
San Francisco, California

Patricia Lynn

What Eric brings to the class is a perfect combination of history and background, spirit and inner awareness, and explanation of the purpose of the moves without interfering with the flow of the class. While this class is designed to be more meditative, I always leave energized and ready to take on my day.

He also has a keen insight into what each student needs and uses different tools to motivate each of us to achieve our highest level.  Sometimes it is humor, sometimes understanding, sometimes challenge.  As a teacher, I appreciate this special talent.

Human Resources Professional
San Francisco, California

Lewis Lehman

Eric is a unique and gifted teacher who mixes meditation, theory and yoga practice in all his sessions.  He is a patient person who knows his students and does not push them past their physical limitations but works with them to improve flexibility and harmony with the body. His classes are extremely popular and they fill up well in advance with large waiting groups of folks wanting to take the class.

Medical Doctor, Philanthropist
Bangalore, India

Ryan Dematteo

Just wanted to give you thanks for the lecturing.  Your uniquely vivacious character has yet to be uninspiring.  Keep it moving homie.

Yoga Teacher,
San Francisco, California

Santi Devi

Eric sheds a whole new light on the roots of yoga and it’s Western evolution.  He is thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring

Yoga Teacher
Castle Rock, Colorado

Erika Burkhalter

Thanks for the talk last night.  Everybody was raving about you this morning!

Yoga Teacher, Musician
Los Angeles, California

Christina Wolfe Dziuk

I really enjoyed your lectures this past weekend. They made me want to learn and explore more. My Christmas wish list is full of the books that you recommended. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Registered Nurse
Bettendorf, Iowa

Melanie Salvatore August

I just had such a nourishing day of continuing education and Sanskrit mantra exploration with teacher and yoga scholar Eric Shaw.  It was fun, relaxed, and packed full of wonderful practical applications. I highly recommend booking time with him (in person or over Skype maybe?) to bridge your daily practice with deeper classical study.

Yoga Teacher
Walnut Creek, California

Deb Rubin

Eric is a wealth of wisdom!

Yoga Teacher, Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer, Holistic Health Practitioner
Portland, Oregon

Sarah Jelly

Eric brings a playful and mindful practice philosophy to his yoga classes. He is creative in his approach to teaching. He is comfortable coaching or inspiring the beginning student as well as fine tuning the practice of the more advanced student. He knows when to push a student to new depths of learning and when to back off.

I am particularly delighted by Eric’s classes because they are not routine nor predictable.  They are influenced by Eric’s continuing curiosity and study of the art of yoga.  He is an ideal yoga teacher – resourceful, creative, energetic, fun, thoughtful, and inspiring.

Human Resources Professional
San Francisco, California

Mary Machado

Your excellent amazing insightful knowledge of Philosophy is a treasure to behold. I look forward to learning more from you soon.

RYT - 500 Yoga Teacher
Walnut Creek, California

Nanci Pritchard

I just wanted to connect and say how much I enjoyed the workshops with Eric Shaw yesterday.  Thank you so much for such an awesome teacher.  It was truly a wonderful experience.

RYT - 200 Yoga Teacher
Roseburg, Oregon

Susan Welli

I just attended the Texas Yoga Conference this past weekend where I had the opportunity to participate in a session led by Eric Shaw.  He was simply fantastic.  The balance of sharing his deep knowledge, guiding us through harnessing & exploring energy, providing physical challenges & encouraging fun was superb.

Data Analyst
Houston, Texas

Roy Gan

Thank you for your kind words Eric 🙂 and for your wonderful and inspiring presence.

Yoga Teacher
San Francisco, California

Ronan Tang

You are such an intelligent yoga teacher with deep insight. What I like most is that you encourage students to release their natural creative power. That’s beautiful and amazing.

International Yoga Teacher
Beijing, China

Fiana Anderson

Thank you for revolutionizing my practice, I maintain and grow with what you’ve taught me.

Singer, Ayurvedic Student
Berkeley, California

Pete Guinosso

Eric has shared yoga philosophy, history, and the energetic body with my 200 hour YA Lighting the Path Yoga Teacher Training for the last 2 years. He does an amazing job of breaking down information so that is easy to understand and he does it in a methodical playful way. His presentation skills rock and he has a depth of information that blows me away every time I work with him. Check him out.

Creator of Lighting the Path Yoga, International Yoga Teacher
Berkeley, California


YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you, Eric, for helping to start off the whole Hema Wellness Program with your lecture. The students loved you!

International Yoga Teacher, Indian Dancer, Fitness Instructor
Los Angeles, California

Jessie Holland

Thank you so much for coming to the studio on Saturday. The lecture was awesome. You have such a nice way of presenting the information so that it is accessible, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Yoga Instructor
Oakland, California

Louis Dillon

Just wanted to let you know that your yoga instruction is the best. You have a calming and relaxing effect that resonates throughout the class.

Horse Ferrier
San Francisco, California

MC Yogi

Eric’s in-depth outline of the yoga tradition and its journey to America is a great blessing to all those who are interested in understanding the spiritual roots of this timeless sacred practice.

Musician, Yoga Teacher
Point Reyes, California

Erica Campos

Eric is an amazing yoga teacher. Watching him in the poses is awe-inspiring. His class is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It is physically challenging, but gentle and spiritually rich.

Financial Services Professional
Redwood City, California

Lauren McCabe

Eric’s lectures are spiritually enlivening and his unique scholarship on yoga history provides a fascinating context for viewing our own practice.

Studying with Eric, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of the issues and themes inherent in modern yoga practice.

Los Angeles, CA

Amy Cranch

Eric is a committed, skilled yoga practitioner/teacher and a consummate scholar. He draws together innumerable sources while explaining his own rich ideas. He’s an animated storyteller, bringing clarity and lightness to yoga’s complex world of characters, lineages and concepts. I recommend that you attend one of Eric’s talks if you’re eager — out of reverence for this incredible practice  — to learn more about its origins.

Berkeley, California

Camille Clay

I have had the pleasure of attending a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Eric and it has been enlightening and enjoyable!

I highly recommend attending a class with Eric, whether it be a yoga class, a philosophy and history class, or teacher training – I guarantee that you will learn a lot and have so much fun in the process!

San Francisco, California

Amireh Ghorob

Filled with warmth, lighthearted humor, and a vast knowledge of yoga history, anatomy, Eric is an awesome yoga teacher. He is sure to dazzle and inspire you.  He teaches with an open heart.

Health Professional
San Francisco, California

Jimmy Crow

Eric is the best!

Web Designer
Chicago, IL


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