Throughout history, people who practice yoga have delved ever-deeper into the science of the chakras. 

But to us everyday yogis, those 7 energy centers–plotted along seven sites from our pelvis to crown—seem mysterious– even if we have pored over the yoga philosophy books!

But there are ways to approach this aspect of subtle body anatomy that are simple.

Try this exercise:

Sit with your back straight.

Close your eyes.

Walk your feeling touch through your body with your mind’s eye, as if a finger were poking at different places inside your being.

Feel your pelvic floor.

Walk up to your heart.

Feel it with your imagination. Sense toward it.

Sense your throat.

Sense your brow.

Sense the crown of your head.

We skipped a couple of the low chakras for the sake of brevity, but what did you feel at each one of these stops?

Most of us have some form of synesthesia—i.e., we see colors, hear sounds or feel one set of things in response to a different set of stimuli. For example, if I close my eyes, I might see colors when I listen to a Charlie Puth song.

So, maybe when you did the chakra breathing exercise, above, you had some image, sound or emotion come to you.

The point is, we feel things of different qualities in different places in the body.

Usually, as we go lower, things get darker, denser and more primal in their quality—and as we go higher things feel brighter and lighter and there might be clearer sensations of oscillation or vibration.

This approximates our body psychology.

Sex, elimination and digestion happen in the low body; heart-love and complex thinking happen higher.

The subtle-body and its chakra system reflect this vertical stratification.